Fall 2021 Ride Pre-Registration

Fall 2021 Ride Pre-Registration

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Come ride with us Saturday, October 2nd as we rally together for our incredible friend Jill!

Admission includes:

-Ride T-shirt


-Entry into the raffle

-and a donation to our new XO family member, Jill.

Jill has worked in the healthcare community for over 13 years as an occupational therapist. She worked countless hours as a frontline worker in 2020 battling the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. In April 2021 Jill discovered a lump in her breast which led to a quick diagnosis of Stage 3 ductal carcinoma. She immediately jumped into an aggressive 5-month cancer treatment with an excellent team of doctors. Jill has had a great response to her initial “red devil” chemo treatment and we hope to see the positive results continue. Jill runs on positive energy, attitude and infectious good spirits which are all essential in taking her journey one day and one step at a time with relentless hope. When not working, Jill loves to exercise and enjoys adventures with many wonderful friends. She spends down time cycling, hiking, skiing, kayaking and especially swimming. Jill loves life, learning new skills, understanding different people and backgrounds and traveling to exotic destinations. She has friends across the globe who have been anchors of support. Jill is blessed with a wonderful, loving family of siblings, parents and extended family members who provide so much for her during this time of recovery. We are grateful to be able to join with them to share with her all the love and support her “XO Family” can give!